Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Dead Girl Diaries by Marianne Paul

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Dead Girl Diaries by Marianne Paul

BookLand Press, 2009

When a young university student is assigned the task of writing her obituary by her journalism professor, she procrastinates. Who wants to think about their own death? An obituary is really about life – how one has lived it – and the assignment sends Maxine down a road of hopes and dreams, what she imagines her life to be. But life doesn’t unfold in the way Maxine thinks it will.

Stopping along a dark highway to help a stranger with car trouble, Maxine is attacked and left for dead at the side of the road. But like her life, Maxine’s death is full of unexpected twists of fate. Her ghost tells the tale from the otherworld, an unearthly place where a renegade angel helps her escape the boredom of paradise, and God makes random appearances as a disembodied Voice, a snoring mountain and a manic rock star. Maxine, it seems, is never as much alive as when she is dead.

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