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Hello Open Book!

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I have to admit I’m a bit nervous about this first posting. It’s like writing that first line in a novel. It’s supposed to “grab” the reader, be a hook that pulls you further into the reading. What would keep you coming back for more?

I could promise a month of tabloid-style blogging about celebrity authors, wild parties filled with book swapping and other forms of literary intercourse, binge writing and all-nighters, out-of-control book-signings, and six figure advances blown on internet Scrabble gambling by word-addicted authors.

Then again, nothing is worse than a book that fails to live up to the promise of its first few pages, and I would think the same is true of a blog. Since I don’t personally know any writers with six figures advances, I can’t write about them, at least, not without calling it fiction.

I do, however, know several writers who are addicted to words, and a few who tend toward binge writing. Me, I believe in a sober approach to writing, slow and steady, a bit each day. I suppose I’m more of a literary tortoise rather than a literary hare…

Beginnings are so important, and so are endings. I’d like to begin by recognizing an ending, and wishing July’s WIR, Lauren Kirshner, all the best with her exciting slate of upcoming events. I suspect a whole gang of Open Book folk will take you up on your invitation to drop by a reading to meet you, Lauren.

I’d like to end this first posting with an invitation of my own to Open Book readers. Please feel free to pass along your ideas and guidance about what you’d like me to discuss during my tenure as WIR. I’m looking forward to our month-long conversation!

~ Marianne

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Marianne Paul

Marianne Paul's is the author of the novels Dead Girl Diaries (BookLand Press, 2009), Tending Memory (BookLand Press, 2007), Twice in a Blue Moon (BookLand Press, 2007) and The Shunning (Moonstone Press, 1994). Her fiction, non-fiction and poems have appeared in publications such as Vox Feminarum, Cahoots, Canadian Author, Western People and The New Quarterly.

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